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A little about me. I live in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area with my two kitties and one patient husband; however, I am not a Southerner. I left my heart in the Mid-Atlantic, the land of great seafood, beaches, and my two favorite sports teams, the Baltimore Orioles and the Baltimore Ravens. I'm the mother of two grown children. I love exploring new areas, trying new healthy foods, making a difference in my community, biking, hiking, sports and reading. As you look around, I hope you check out the Chattanooga page if you're visiting or new to the area. I will share my thoughts about local eateries, grocery stores, parks, and provide reviews of new favorite finds. I consider myself a foodie, as much as I hate that term, so expect lots of food-related rants and reviews
Travel Down a New Road is my Chattanooga travel page. I am open to suggestions, comments and questions. Please use the link below to send me your feedback or questions.

Exciting news for health food foodies like myself. A health food chain opened up a new location just a few miles from my home. I now have lots of new products to try and write about here. My goal is to review a new healthy food product once a month

Can I Have Your Tots? (Apologies to Napoleon Dynamite)

This month's healthy product is a vegetable product from Green Giant. For those of you who adhere to a low-carb or keto diet, you know how difficult it is keeping the daily carb count to your limit. So many low-carbers have discovered the cauliflower can be used for making pizza crust, making bread substitutes and as a potato alternative. I have made mashed cauliflower from scratch and like it quite a bit. The problem with the cauliflower products is that cauliflower must be cut and cooked and that is time-consuming for a lot of people. Green Giant has come up with several cauliflower products for those who are trying to eat healthy. I have tried most of them, but this one is so tasty that even my husband, who barely tolerates cauliflower, likes it.

Green Giant tots


Last time I wrote about how it's getting cold here and lamented having to give up exercising outside in favor of indoor gym workouts. Since then, I have discovered the joy of bundling up and hopping on the bike or braving the windy trail on foot. Some things to remember if you are exercising in the cold: cover your head, wear layers, stay hydrated, protect your exposed skin. Common sense, people!

Depending on where you live, it can be challening to maintain an outdoor fitness routine. Sometimes, it is just too cold or icy or dangerous to exercise outdoors. However, on the days you are able to get outside, you may have to adjust your expectations or choose an alternate activity. For example, I can't bike as far in the cold wind as I can on a sunny Spring day. I can choose to push through it and bike as far as I feel I can, or I can go for a brisk walk instead. I have also invested in some fitness DVDs for extreme situations where it's just not safe to go outside. Some that I really like are Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds. Sure, they're cheesy and may seem pretty basic to most people, but they are easy to follow and if you need more challenge, use light hand weights to modify the intensity.

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